Week One

Day one consisted of familiarising myself with my surroundings and building an understanding of place.  Once I was settled in I was invited to a meeting in order to discuss my thoughts on the brief with both Steve Birnie (consultant industrial designer) and Charlie Rohan (senior director of user centered design). They were able to provide several names of people that work within the company that would perhaps be able to put me in contact with certain stakeholder groups along with many other useful insights.

The following day I met with one of NCR’s account directors. As a sales professional he keeps a very close relationship with his/NCRs customers. He had a great deal of knowledge of what the customer wanted and was able to give detailed accounts of how much things would cost the customer and what product they would be interested in. I was informed that the rise of the ATM has allowed for banks to move staff out onto the floor instead of behind the glass screens, allowing for more immersive interaction. I was then informed that these days the consumers can even do all there banking at home on their computer or mobile device and avoid the bank all together.

Following on from the conversations I had at the start of the week, I created my first iteration of a stakeholder’s information sheet. This sheet detailed my current knowledge of what roles each stakeholder played as well as what other stakeholders they interacted with and what observations could be made (for example a Customer Service Engineer meets the bank/tertiary business and fixed any faults, the observations that are made could include recurring harware issues or customer frustration).

I then decided that it would be valuable to map out the service journey including each of the stakeholders, in order to understand where each of the stakeholders interact and to what level of communication they undergo.  After this decision was made I began to think about who the stakeholders were and gained a basic knowledge of their role within the service journey.