Inspiration – Lotus Blossom

In order to understand how to address my design requirements, I decided to use a design tool called a Lotus Blossom. This tool asks for the user to gather the 8 most desired requirements for a design outcome and find a currently existing example that addresses the requirement very well. The user is next tasked to give eight reasons why this design is so effective at meeting its given requirement. The end map when presented visually appears as a blossoming flower, hence the name. A textural copy of my lotus blossom can be seen below, detailing the requirement, the example and the 8 reasons why the example is so effective.  An image of my Lotus Blossom can also be seen below:



Facebook & General Social Media

  • Self-esteem booster
  • Allows for self-promotion
  • Helps maintain relationships
  • Gives a sense of belonging
  • Selective self-representation
  • Builds social capital
  • Has a massive following
  • Allows for the gathering of information


Mobile Phone

  • Can cater to your every need
  • Small in scale
  • Allows access to constant information
  • Applies a sense of security
  • Can allow for the ability to integrate through information gathering
  • Allow for you to connect to ay one anywhere
  • Has new emerging functions, innovative
  • Can be worn as an ego boosting accessory


Phone Number pad and keypad

  • It is universal
  • Has an unchanged design
  • Works of the current user knowledge
  • Doesn’t have excessive information
  • Is not over designed
  • The market is used to it
  • Caters specifically to its market segment
  • Limited competition


Twitter and general social media

  • Allows for the control of content
  • Can be self-managed
  • Facilitates communication on a level playing field
  • Is not industry specific
  • Customizable home pages with a choice of themes
  • Only get the content that the users asks for
  • The platform is very simple and only offers basic functions
  • Everyone can say what they want


Apple IOS

  • Show transitions, to make sure the user knows where they have come from
  • Use breadcrumbs to detail where the user has come from
  • Instead of having empty areas, offer subtle example of how to populate the area
  • Consistent design throughout
  • Offer shortcuts but don’t make them essential to follow
  • Use current patterns that the user is used to
  • Less = more
  • Don’t tell the user what to do instead subtly hint at them direction to go in


Apple Pay & Google Wallet

  • Uses a product that everyone carry’s with them at all times
  • Reduces the effort taken to complete a transaction
  • Removes the need to carry around any additional products such as credit/debit cards
  • You do not need to remember a pin number, it works on biometrics
  • Reduces transaction time
  • Can send money to anyone from your phone, a feature you can’t with the current solution.
  • The service journey is built off of an already existing system that was in place for cards
  • Simple step by step process



Google Analytics 

  • Can be lined to other services to add other functionality
  • Organises the data gathered into visual representations
  • Organises the data into categories without any user interaction
  • Is made up of multiple levels so you can get as little or as much specific data as you require.
  • It is a freely accessible tool
  • Still requires a user interaction to deliver full functionality, allowing for insights to be made
  • Doesn’t offer specific data as standard, allowing for the system to be simpler to understand.
  • Offers the ability for the user to display the most Important info, to them, first


AudioNote Lite

  • Offers real-time voice recording
  • Offers note taking that are timestamped to the audio recording
  • Allows for the addition of images in the notes
  • You can add notes or other content later to support the audio track
  • If the user is to tap on the notes it takes them to the point in the audio recording that the notes were taken in
  • The app highlights the notes as you are playing the audio track, to allow for the audience to see what the user was thinking during the conversation.
  • The contact can be shared with others across many device mediums
  • It is a phone app and so is very portable and accessible.


I now intend to begin the ideation stage of my design process, using the 64 features above as inspiration. During this next stage I intend to develop a large quantity of ideas, and using a brainstorming exercise I will then individually analyse each ideas using a COCD Box technique.