My Design Process and Developing a Toolkit

Over the past few days I have been working to create a plan of action in terms of mapping my design process for this project.  Below you can see a 6 stage development progress that will take me from insights to user testing and completion. I simple version of the toolkit can be seen below with the 6 stages and the tools I intend to use in each section:

  1. Framing 
  • Objectives and research questions
  1. User insights and Personas
  • User Journey Map (Satisfaction & Actors map)
  • Persona and User Analysis
  1. Design scope 
  • Design Challenges
  • Design Requirements
  1. Ideation 
  • Inspiration Blossom
  • COCD Box
  1. Concept Refinement 
  • Concept Storyboard
  • New Speculative User Journey Map
  1. Prototype and test 
  • User Satisfaction Map

After I had developed the above structure, I completed the first stage (a quick few questions). I then began to design the tools for the second section; this section involves getting the stakeholders to interact with the toolkit itself.  Once I had sketched up the designs for the tools I planned how I would create them using the Adobe suit (when I gained access to it next).

2016-06-15 16.06.32 2016-06-15 16.06.42 2016-06-15 16.06.53 2016-06-15 16.07.05