Paper Based Sketch Prototyping

In order to best visualise how the platform will function I developed a paper prototype of each interface within the general applications functionality. I completed this task for both a mobile and web based application (these can be seen below). Through the development of these paper prototypes I am able to traverse through the applications and test the functionality. This was an iterative process and each time I went through the prototype’s interfaces I was able to determine if there was any missing steps that would help with the flow of the interaction. This process was also a great learning exercise to see what aspects worked visually and what aspects, such as social capital, looked like when translated into a tangible interface.


2016-07-27 14.09.43

I now intend to digitise the application design and subject it to review by some of the UCD team. I suspect that in the next week or so I will be able to test the basic functionality with users online.

Prototyping: Mobile and Web Application Map

To really understand what the platform would look like I decided to map out the interaction functionality for both a mobile and web based application. Both maps host similar functionality however content review and text based input aspects, are stronger on the web based display due to the benefit of having a large screen and additional input functionality (keyboard etc…). The web based system also has additional functionality in the form of an admin section. This section is for those within the product development team that govern the customer/consumer insight gathering aspect of the platform. Due to the additional capability that are available on a computer (web app) in comparison to a mobile device the admin aspects may not be available on a mobile device, this conundrum is still under discussion however.

Mobile Appliocation Fuctionality map-page-001 Web Appliocation Fuctionality map-page-001

I now intend to sketch prototype the aspects of the maps that can be seen in this post. I will then sue these sketch prototypes to ask for further advice on the platforms development.