Pure Tone Radio

Within my second year at university I received a brief to create a fully functional analogue radio. I have always been interested in physical form as function and so I decided to design a radio that’s form was integral to its function. Pure-Tone radio has been designed to be as sustainable as possible as I believe this to be a key factor in modern design. I went about this by making the body of the device hollow, this allowed for the device to have an acoustical tendency. The acoustical body of the device allows for a low powered speaker to be amplified without any extra electrical power. One other key factor to this design is the hand-powered dynamo that is used to charge the device. This feature works much like the ones in wind up torches. Due to this power source being renewable the radio operates purely on renewable sources.

Exploded Drawing
Interaction Board

The components and materials used to design and manufacture this device are mostly made of sustainable wood although some standard electrical components like switches and circuitry were manufactured as standard.

The radio would fit in well in a modern eco home. Preferably in a large living area to increase the acoustic theme

Final Product
Final Product

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