I use sketching in the initial stage of design development to help me visualise ideas. I also find that showing your ideas to peers, to be very valuable. Sketching is my way of communication my concepts in a visual manor to both myself and others. I keep all my initial sketches so I can refer back to prior design iterations to help explain any reasoning’s.  I feel the best way to record your design process is through sketches.


The next stage that sketching comes into play in a large part is in the prototyping stage. I sketch out all my build plans and often intertwine sketched and mathematics. As can be seen in the images below, this form of sketching can be both messy but extremely useful when needing to keep all your thoughts in one place.

My final use for sketching is to display final designs before they are created in the physical form. Sketching is a quick and dirty way to show people what you intend to create, and I use it for this on a regular basis.


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