Paper Based Sketch Prototyping

In order to best visualise how the platform will function I developed a paper prototype of each interface within the general applications functionality. I completed this task for both a mobile and web based application (these can be seen below). Through the development of these paper prototypes I am able to traverse through the applications and test the functionality. This was an iterative process and each time I went through the prototype’s interfaces I was able to determine if there was any missing steps that would help with the flow of the interaction. This process was also a great learning exercise to see what aspects worked visually and what aspects, such as social capital, looked like when translated into a tangible interface.


2016-07-27 14.09.43

I now intend to digitise the application design and subject it to review by some of the UCD team. I suspect that in the next week or so I will be able to test the basic functionality with users online.

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