Concept Refinement & Elevator Pitch

Following on form my last post regarding concept generation, this post will detail the now refined single concept that I intend to go ahead with.

The platform acts to facilitate the gathering of insights from both, internal and external, NCR sources. Internally the platform facilitates the cross communication of NCRs employees, in aid of tackling companywide issues in a selection of multi-disciplinary areas. Discussion topics are generated by NCR employees and are open to all, a tagging system allows for participants to target specific people or groups in a hope to generate individual interaction.

The second aspect to the platforms insight gathering is internally managed, however acts to gather external insights (VOC). This aspect gathers the key insights from NCR’s customers through the utilisation of the currently active channels in place between them, and NCR’s customer facing stakeholders (Accounts, Sales, and CEs). Objectives are assigned and managed by a governing body (product development teams), that target the groups or individuals most valuable to the specific objective.

In addition to insight gathering, there is a strong personal collaboration aspect to the platform thought the use of an extensive profile builder and reward point system. The reward point system is used to incentivise the users into continued and motivated participation of the platform as well as to build social capital within the company. Through gamification and the presence of a leader board it is speculated that users will compete to provide valuable content that are actionably rich.


Elevator Pitch

“NCR Voice” is a new platform that allows employees to gain social capital through the gathering of insights. Insights from both internal NCR employees and external customers and consumers are gathered through employee cross communication as well as the currently active channels in place between them, and NCR’s customer facing stakeholders. Kudos is then received for each uncovered actionable insight, acting to build the users social capital and company recognition.

I now intent to create a map of the interface structure of both a mobile and web-based device. Following that I will create a series of paper sketch prototypes to illustrate the interfaces and how the connect together.


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