Understanding the Customer

I was recently lucky enough to be invited along to a few NCR strategy presentations that were being held for one of NCRs customers. The presentations started with the company in question detailing their current strategies and the pressures that they currently face as a company. This was a great experience for me to understand what ailments were presently affecting this specific customers industry and how the company was trying to tackle them. The initial presentation was then followed by a series of NCR lead presentation that revolved around NCRs current strategies and services. During these presentations NCR tried to address some of the pressures that there customer was facing, recommending solutions to their problems. This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the services being developed by NCR and the relationship that is had between NCR and its customers. The discussions that were had were very interesting and informative allowing me the opportunity to build on my current perceptions of the service delivery offered at NCR. Unfortunately, and understandably, I cannot go into too must detail in regards to what was discussed; however I can say that the experience was invaluable to my learning.

I now intend to use my knowledge gained to build a better understanding of the frame of stakeholders that play essential roles within the NCR service journey.


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