Social Media – Customer Feedback

I had a look on the most popular social media sites to gain an understanding of what site gets the most traffic in relation to ATM faults and complaints. I was also looking into what form of complaints are popular on each of the sites.

I was only really able to find any user interaction on Twitter, of which there was a great deal. There was a few people using Twitter to contact the banks and tell them that there are ATM faults. However, most people were using Twitter to inform others that there is a fault with a certain ATM and to avoid it, tagging the bank that is involved. The general feel was that lots of people are upset and are blaming the bank for the ATM faults when using Twitter. The most common complaint was that the ATM had “swallowed” there card and the bank “refused” to return it.  Due to the bulk of tweets being sent in anger they are blunt and uninformative. It is only one the bank has replied and asked for the information that it is provided by the user.

Google+ offers discussions with other users. There is little to no discussions about ATM faults.

Facebook does not have any record of any customer complaints about ATM faults. I can speculate that because the bank has control over the content on their pages they will remove any content that could fracture their reputation.



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