Process Plan and Experience Mapping

On my first day of week two I had a progress meeting with a selection from the UCD team at NCR. Within the meeting I presented my plan of action as it stood:

  • I am in the process of developing a toolkit that will help me better understand NCR’s stakeholders. This toolkit will act to inform a greater understanding of how we can implement co-design to inform an appropriate design outcome.
  • I am about to being to work my way through a service toolkit myself. This toolkit will help me realise what areas of the project that I still need to understand better and what necessary questions I must pose.
  • I will then develop a toolkit that will include several design tools that the selected stakeholder can utilize to better inform the design team of their day to day journey (there section of the total service timeline).
  • After each stakeholder has completed the toolkit, I will create a timeline of the complete service journey with multiple layers, including touchpoints, motivations, pressure points and recommendations.
  • After this initial stage has been completed I will then begin to develop a designed solution that allows for a constant live feed of the individual voices of NCR’s stakeholders.

I also asked the UCD team several questions:

  • What Stakeholders are involved within the self-service ATM ecosystem?
  • What is the timeline of an ATM, from installation all the way through to end-user interaction?
  • Is it possible to interview/provide a probe to, all groups of NCR’s ATM service stakeholders?

I also detailed that I intended to use the following tools to map out the experiences of each of the stakeholders:

Tool What will the tool find out?
Personas who is the stakeholder
Touchpoint Matrix where do the stakeholders cross over
Stakeholder Journey Map detailed map of each stakeholders activity’s in relation
Service Ecology Map detailed analysis of a specific interaction
Service Timeline an overall map of the service journey from install to end-user interaction
Motivation Matrix  what are each stakeholders needs and expectations from one another


We as a group went on to discuss who the stakeholders were and eventually drew out a linear time line of the service journey (from leaving the production line to end-use and maintenance), including all the stakeholders that could be thought of at the time.

2016-06-08 15.01.15

It was brought up that there are eight regions within NCRs reach and it would be valuable to gain an insight from each of them, to establish a global reach. It was also said that it would take roughly 4 weeks to get anything to the regional managers and then it would take another 4 weeks roughly to get anything back. This timescale is far too lengthy for a project on this scale, but it must always be considered that there will be a long turn around on any information. The final outcome of the meeting was to pin point the most important stakeholders on the service time line. The five key stakeholders that would be valuable to me were decided as: Riggers, Bank staff, Engineer, End-consumers and ATM reclamation services. I then updated my stakeholders information sheet to include several more of the ones found on the drawn out timeline. I finally created an electronic timeline to visualise the service journey more clearly.


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