Introduction to Collaboration

In the world of design, collaboration is a tool used almost every day. For example, you wouldn’t go about designing a dress without first asking the manufacturer the material limitations. “Banana Armour” (the product that keeps my banana fresh, day in and day out) wouldn’t have got very far if those that designed it hadn’t first asked the guys at Chiquita how big there bananas are.

Collaboration is the simple act of working with someone to produce something that works. Generally, collaboration is a great tool to use in principle, buts it’s certainly easier said than done. There are so many great ideas being thought up all the time but just not enough people working together to make them happen.

This was the thinking that lead to the formation of Crit-Café. Crit-Café is a monthly collaboration event that encourages anyone to bring and share or refined ideas – to take them to the next level.

Great things are almost always born from a fusion of innovation and collaboration. One of the greatest examples of this is Apple, ask yourself who invented the first Apple product? Most of you will say the late and great Steve Jobs. In fact the first Apple product, the “Apple-II”, was created by an interdisciplinary group of collaborators. Steve “Woz” Wozniak an electronic engineer hand-built the device in hopes to sell it for $40, Steve Jobs brought it to market and found a buyer that purchased the computer for a stagering $500 each, and finally there was Rod Holt who developed the devices unique power supply, giving the Apple-II life. These three people brought entirely different skills to the table but through working together created a movement that has changed the way we look at technology today.

Collaboration reaches its full potential when people from different backgrounds meet. Everybody has great ideas that remain unused because the right people aren’t there to make it happen.


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