Open-Source and Final Build

From the start of this project we have been planning every step to coordinate with Mozilla’s open web ideology, a state of thinking that I share. I decided to make the project available to all by publishing the step by step build process online for free. The website that I used to do this is called; it is a completely free platform in with anyone can publish their step by step project online for open access. I had some experience of Instructables before, I actually published my process in create my own FM Radio back in 2011. Please follow this link to view my Instructables account.

I split U-WAVES step by step build process into 11 sections. These sections can be seen below and can be found in detail by following this link

  • Downloading the OS
  • Choosing you Radio Stations
  • Developing the Interface
  • Laser Cutting the Radio Body
  • Build the Raspberry Pi Cases
  • Fitting the Electronics
  • Building the Radio Sides
  • Putting it All Together
  • Veneering the Radio Body
  • (Optional) Finishing Techniques
  • Finished Radio!


I feel that creating open-source content is an essential part of what we must do to further the creation and education of creative technology. With the current technology that exist it is easy for anyone to build and create anything that their minds can dream up.


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