MozFest15, a Memoir

The Mozilla Festival 2015 was held over 3 days, last weekend. It was my first time and I can say due to the events that unfolded, it won’t be my last. The weekend consisted of a fast paced build involving roughly 500 cardboard boxes which were assembled into a library, a garage, a garden and many other structures.

2015-11-06 13.28.50

2015-11-06 16.47.14


After the build stage there was a sort of science expo, this gave me a sense of whet the weekend would consist of. There was many many screen based products, tackling the web in many strange and wonderful ways. This was great, as my experience with screen based design is self-admittedly lacking. I was at MozFest of course in an educational sense as well as to promote myself as a creative designer. so this gave me the opportunity to increase my understanding and confidence in a new field.

2015-11-06 19.26.41


The next day it was time for me and my colleague (Sylvester) to present U-WAVE. We were based in the “Garage” section of the “Global Village”. So first thing we built the structures we were going to be presenting in and around out of the hundreds of cardboard boxes that we had constructed the previous day. After that was done we started talking to people about our project. As I stated before most of the presented projects were screen based, this meant that our tangible project was a big hit. Many people took great interest in U-WAVE and even returned with their friends to show them what we had created. The biggest interest came from teachers and tech savvy creatives, there was lots of questions like “so I can make this?” and “Can I use this in my class?”. I’m happy to say that many people were inspired by U-WAVE and that there was a lot of promises of people making their own radio using our tutorial.

2015-11-07 16.03.45-1


I love to learn and something I am not proud about is my lack of knowing when it comes to screen based interfaces. I partook in a workshop by Cyber-Ducks own Danny Bluestone and Benjamin Maugain on the second day of the event. There workshop was based around (UCD) User Centred Design in the context of App generation. Through this workshop I learned what techniques you must undergo in order to create an effectively designed experience for the end user.


Finally myself and Sylvester presented and displayed U-WAVE at the closing expo at the end of the day. During this event U-WAVE gained more interest than ever before. We even had someone say “I saw this online the other day! It’s BRILLIANT. I’m making one for sure!” it was a great experience to see so many people excited about the work I was doing.

22882743755_408cd2222a_o (2)



The event as a whole was a great success. I was able to learn new skills as well as hone my presentation skills. On top of all that I was able to meet many interesting and passionate people working in extremely interesting fields. I will be back next year to present again I’m sure, however next time I intend to host at least one workshop to share my experiences and skills.


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