I looked into many different interface examples, ranging from the most simple icon based layouts to the more complex multi-level set-ups. Some examples of these can be seen below. The main thing I learned from looking into interfaces is that the more functionality you have, the more difficulty the user has using it.

Page 1 copy Page 2 copy Page 3 copy


From looking into interface design and how the user interacts with them I came to the conclusion that our radio would have a simple icon based interface.  from our previous research into radio stations we knew we wanted six displayed in total. this allowed for a simple interface without any difficulties due to the screen size only being 3.5″ across. The image below is of the finished interface (displayed on a Computer screen) that myself and a good friend Petr Chutny developed. I personally have limited web development skills and so I called on a friend that I have worked with in the past. Using his experienced skills and knowledge he was able to develop this interface form me without any trouble. The interface is now hard-wired into the Musicbox server (Raspberry Pi 2) so that all external interfaces will display our new interface.

2015-10-20 13.32.24



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