Finding a Form

Now that the OS is working we can start to develop the radios physical form.  The sketch prototypes below were quick examples to demonstrate size and placement of features. It was important to us to decide of size as a starting point, this was possible due to us having already established all the technology that must be housed inside.

2015-10-15 16.26.27 2015-10-15 16.34.42


We then laser cut a Dukta style piece and played around with the form. We were able to come up with many different variations using this piece and it allowed us to move on our concept with each attempt. As can be seen below the forms we were focusing on were tall rather than wide and had one large speaker with a small screen above. We decide whilst prototyping the form, that the speaker and screen should be angled upwards in order to allow for a better user experience and sound direction.

2015-10-19 19.20.45 2015-10-20 10.35.28 2015-10-20 10.24.28 2015-10-19 15.02.34




2 thoughts on “Finding a Form

    1. Thank you Eric for flagging this issue for me. I have now remedied the issue. thank you for your kind words about my work, I hope you will continue to follow my progress.

      thank you

      Finlay Page


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