Final Form

Below you can see the first iteration of our final form. This design allows us to fit all the technology within the radio body whilst also maintaining it’s structural, acoustical and user interaction superiority.  The first iteration is developed from 4mm MDF and AB flute cardboard; this allowed us to quickly prototype our technology within the radios contextual form. After doing this there was a few issues raised. The main constraint being, “how can we get the Pis USB ports available on the radios outside walls?”. As we need to be able to plug a keyboard and mouse into the device at points, primarily the set-up, it is of vital important that we developed a way of doing this.

2015-10-21 12.03.07 2015-10-21 12.02.26


As a development point from now we will begin to attempt to wrap the piece in a thin hardwood veneer. This will get the radio a nice real wood finish as well as cover the splits in the wood left from the Dukta process. Hopefully one or two more iterations and we will have a completed product.


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