Dukta Process/Laser Wood Bending

We are interested in creating a radio that doesn’t resemble a standard radio. Using the laser cutter you can place strategic cuts in order to make the wood more malleable and bend with ease, this process is called Dukta. Dukta was founded during a CTI research project in 2007 and is now used all over the world as furniture, interior decorating and art pieces. This process for wood bending is very versatile as the piece in question actually maintains its strength. One of the most important quality’s of a good loudspeaker body is its ability to absorb sound and diffuse it. This process of diffusing sound reduces the amplification of the negative sound waves, which would otherwise distort the sound of the speaker. Dukta systems have been designed and developed for acoustically-sensitive rooms such as recording studios, cinemas and concert halls and Dukta walls have been confirmed as a highly absorbent product by the EMPA Schweiz (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology).


Below you can see one of our first attempts of creating a Raspberry Pi case using this process. We intend to use this process of wood forming to create our final radio design. Be doing this we will create a piece that looks pleasant as well as provide a key core function.

page 2 laser cut copy



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