Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a 3.5 inch Linux driven computer system that acts much like the computer I am writing this on now.  You can plug a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor and off you go, the really special thing about Raspberry Pi however is that it only costs £30(ish)! The fact that the device is so low cost means that makers such as myself can interrogate a computer system into things without a huge price tag. Would you like your fridge to message you when you run out of milk? How about a friendly notification to tell you that granny has got home from the shops safely? Anything is possible with a Raspberry Pi, if you know what to do with it.

I will be using Raspberry Pi as a server to stream music from the internet and to the speakers in my Open-Source Internet Radio. As an internet radio doesn’t just simply pick-up radio waves, the application of a computer system is essential. The device must connect using Wi-Fi to the internet and stream music without having to look it up.

2015-10-05 14.25.36



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