Mozilla Festival

“MozFest is an annual celebration of the world’s most valuable public resource: the open Web. Participants are diverse — there are engineers and artists, activists and educators. But everyone shares a common belief: the Web can make lives better. The Web unlocks opportunity, spurs creativity, teaches valuable skills and connects far-flung people and ideas”                                                                                                      – Mark Surman, Executive Director at Mozilla

I with a team of creative technologists from the University of Dundee (Jon Rogers, Rob Jackson, Nick Taylor, Sylvester Sweeney, Mike Shorter) will be attending the Mozilla Festival in London from the 6th to the 8th of November. Whilst there we will be interacting with a vast array of creative individuals as well as industry professionals.


As an MSc Candidate within the University of Dundee I have been tasked, along with Sylvester Sweeney, to create an open-source internet radio to be displayed at the Mozilla Festival. The brief is a s follows:


Build a domestic internet enabled radio that is available to the public, through an open source dialog. The radio is to be presented at the 2016 Mozilla Festival.
The radio…
• will use tech such as Rasberry Pi.
• will run on Mi-Fi 4G at Moz-Fest.
• will be for the domestic home.
• will be designed with the consumer in mind.
• will be completed as part of a team, there will only be one end product.
• will have well established aesthetics, wouldn’t look out of place in John Lewis.
• will be designed for everyone, don’t make it for the visually impaired or elderly.
• will be available via an open source dialog, such as Instructables and GitHub.


Additional Information:

• Add additional functionality to the Radio, taking advantage of the internet connectivity.
• Look at already existing open source radios and gain and understanding of the build process.
• Simplicity is the key, 3D printed shell over finely hand crafted piece.


We want people to say “Wow, I didn’t know you could just make these. I thought you have to buy them in the shop!”
Whilst undergoing this project I expect to develop vital skills within the field of creative technology, especially within the field of Raspberry Pi development.



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