Filming the One Minute Video

For our final hand-in we have been asked to create a one minute video. As the “Essence of Tea” is all about an interaction I have decided to make my video about this interaction. I was fortunate enough to be accepted on to a film crew last year as the production designer and through that experience gained friends in the film making industry. I decided to call upon a favour from these friends and recruit them onto my one minute film crew, a helping hand I am, very much grateful for. The team consisted of:

Myself (Finlay Page):  Director

Alan McIllrath: Camera/Cinematographer

Robbie Gray: Gaffer/Focus Puller

Petr Chutny: Actor/Assistant Director

Leanne Fischler: Location/Art Director

The film process began my researching current product videos that show an interaction. I found that the ones I liked best were actually videos that show you a process in fine detail, aspects of this style can be seen through my video. After I knew what sort of video I wanted it was time to actually film it. So first think I did was hiring out from the university AV workshop some equipment. The equipment that was hired out consisted of the following items:

Sound Kit: Zoom H4n Recorder, Sennheiser Gun Mic, Sony ECM-66B, a Floor Mic Stand

Lighting Kit: Arrilite 2000 (Blondes), Arrilite 650 Fresnel, Arrilite 300 Fresnel, Trace Frames x2, Dimmer x2

Using this equipment we were able to replicate any kind of lighting and record all the detailed sound that were needed to pout across an accurate “essence of Tea” experience on film.

Photo 21-04-2014 14 24 34Photo 21-04-2014 14 54 19

The filming involved us running through the whole “Essence of Tea” process for every different shot until we were happy with its quality. This meant for a large amount of filming data but also gave me absolute freedom in editing. Below you can see images of Robbie marking the manual stops for each shot as he acted as the focus puller, and the directors monitor. The directors monitor allowed me to see what the camera was capturing without looking into the actual camera itself. To allow for a more fluid video Robbie, as the focus puller, had to focus the camera for every camera angle change manually.

Photo 21-04-2014 14 17 06 Photo 21-04-2014 14 16 34

Once the filming was complete I commenced editing. This was my first experience of editing a film and I’m happy to say it went smoothly. Due to the fact that I had lots of footage of the say scenario, only captured at a different angle or frame, meant that I could chop and change to emphasis on specific artefacts and movements present in the products use. I opted to not include music in the final cut, I felt that the sound of the natural rhythm of the process was music enough. It also allowed for a more relaxed piece, which I believe to be quite valid.

Below you can see the final video:


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