Build Development and Practice

Now that I have my table design and materials, the only thing left to do it build it.  I first started by asking one of the wood workers in the university workshop to assist me in resolving the steps that I should take in this build. With their help we were quickly able to devise a first iteration of the process.

Photo 07-04-2014 17 32 15 Photo 07-04-2014 17 32 20 Photo 07-04-2014 17 32 28

I had at this stage slightly altered the design of the table but from looking at the image below will give you a basic understanding of what the final will look like.

table (dimentioned) table colored

I first started with a small sectioned piece so I could practice chiselling out the central channel.

Photo 26-03-2014 11 45 33

It was quickly realised that chiselling was not the best option and that another method must be used. The chiselling technique left an untidy finish that would not allow for optimum water flow and so a machined finish was called for.  The final process is as follows:

  • Plane material to a flat smooth finish, using the machine planer.
  • Cut the table top in half lengthwise (to allow for angular planeing).
  • Hand plane each half of the table top to an angular finish.
  • Biscuit the two half together again to form a V channel.
  • Drill out each end of the sink grill using the pillar drill, leaving a two millimetre gap from the absolute edge.
  • Jigsaw out the other material of the sink grill, leaving a two millimetre gap from the absolute edge.
  • Route out the centre channel all the way along at 2 mm depth.
  • Route out the tapers of the centre channel, using the custom made jig.
  • Route out the remainder of the material from the grill sink holes, starting with the centre hole due to the already set up fence.

Photo 28-03-2014 11 22 45 (1) Photo 27-03-2014 11 35 15 (1) Photo 27-03-2014 11 32 04 (1)

Following this nine step plan will allow me to create the unfinished table top of my design. The base and the support leg will require little if any machining. The base consists of the construction of one box, plus drawer, and a solid wood leg. I have prototyped this and am confident in its operation and build.

I followed all of the above steps using a piece of pine, so to physically equip myself with a understanding of how to construct my final. I then used this finished prototype to photograph my project for the DJCAD Degree Show brochure, image seen below.

Finlay Page

Now I know how to construct my final piece I will now go ahead and create the sycamore and oak tables. After I have completed both the builds I will decide on the most appropriate piece and use that in my final deliverable.


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