Brodies Visit and Wood Selection

Now that I know what I wish to build, I must go and buy the materials, but before I could do that I needed to get some advice of what wood would best suit my product. I began by asking the wood workers within the university workshop what they would recommend. I was informed that the main issues that I would encounter would be mostly due to the fact that the wood would become in contact with water on a regular basis. To stop the wood warping and becoming damp I needed a dense preferably straight grained wood. I was also looking for a wood that would complement the red tones of the red earthenware that I am using to create my clay pots. I began to search online for what woods would be the best options; there were many that had the right aesthetics and density however I was also balancing cost. I decided to contact the local sawmill at Inver, Brodie’s, and ask about their selection. From our chat I was told that there was a wide selection that fitted my specification, and so a few days later I visited them to see what I could find.


The stock that they had was vast, and called for a lot of inspection. Due to the fact that I was after I very precise piece of wood I needed to make Sure that there was no errors or discrepancy’s.

Photo 20-03-2014 13 04 48 (1) Photo 20-03-2014 13 04 38 (1) Photo 20-03-2014 13 04 31 (1)

After I lot of looking around and recommendations I left with a large piece of sycamore, some unidentified red wood and two pieces of heavy American oak. This selection gives me the ability to test what will work best and prototype my concept. The sycamore id a very light coloured wood, almost white and will allow the clay ware to stand out. The American oak will look very rich and allow the rich red tones of the clay pots to be complimented.

Photo 20-03-2014 13 05 10 (1)

Photo 07-04-2014 17 15 40

The next stage in my projects development involved testing the build of the table and learning how to best create the final piece.


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