George Nakashima and Table design

Now that I have my final tea set design I need to design a tea table to present it on. I would like to incorporate the East Asian design language into the table and so I researched relevant work. I came across George Nakashima, a Japanese furniture maker and designer. I was able to find the book “Nature, Form and Spirit, The Life and Legacy of George Nakashima” using this I learned about his style and references. The book also allowed me to observe many different examples of his work. Using these examples I developed many different design iterations.

Photo 17-03-2014 15 22 15 (1) Photo 17-03-2014 15 22 38 (1) Photo 17-03-2014 15 24 22 Photo 17-03-2014 15 25 57

Using a combination of hand sketches and Autodesk Inventor (CAD) I was able to visualise my designs and start to construct physical prototypes. I was able to develop an understand how to build the table by talking with the university technicians and playing around with concepts in CAD.

table (dimentioned) table colored

I intend to now work in the workshop on building my design for my MK2 presentation.


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