Tea Pot

After a month of prototyping casting techniques and appropriating my designs, I have managed to create a full teapot. I began by slip casting 4 separate parts, lid, body, spout and handle I was then able to join these parts together afterwards. The bonus to this method is that if there is a fault in, for example, the handle I am able to re do that mould without having to redo the entire kettle.

Photo 26-02-2014 16 09 28

When the teapot was fired and ready to handle I immediately noticed issues with the handle. I have since then made and new handle model and mould, an image of the new model can be seen below.

Photo 06-03-2014 11 00 59 Photo 07-03-2014 18 45 37

I have also now completed the spout and body for my tea server (model seen below). They must dry for roughly one week, allowing me to potentially have the final fired piece in around a week and a half. Once I have the completed piece I can begin to polish of the kinks and allow users to try out the early product. I am in the process of trying to develop a meaningful arrangement for the product internal items, using the completed pieces I will be able to sit down and try lots of different variations.



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