Instruction manual Prototyping

I feel that at this stage in development I need to concentrate of the visual language of the piece.  I have visited the local tea stores and restaurants to look into both tea packaging and menu design. I need to appropriately design an instruction manual that allows the user to easily understand how to use The Essence of Tea. I feel that use of info graphics could be highly effective to reduce the use of text throughout the product.

Photo 05-03-2014 11 25 55Photo 05-03-2014 11 25 58Photo 05-03-2014 11 26 00

I like the idea of using a small (roughly a6) booklet as the instruction manual. As can be seen in the images below the booklet would be small and intimate, showing each step on a single page. I intend to use illustrator to outline photographs I will take of myself performing the preparation process, giving a real to life view for the instructions.

Photo 07-03-2014 20 01 09Photo 07-03-2014 20 02 26

I will post the completed prototype within the next few weeks.


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