Tea Utensils

In the Chinese tea ceremony, utensils are used to aid the user in the appropriate preparation of the tea. From my research I have discovered that many people would rather glaze over most of them. Due to this I have chosen 3 specialist items that I fell are appropriate for my revised preparation process.  Below are five items, two variations of the tea tongs, one tea scoop and two variations of the tea pick. The tongs act as the utensil used to help empty the boiling water from ten tea cups once the cups have been appropriately heated. The tea scoop is what is used to take the tea leaves from the tea caddy into the tea pot, and the tea pick is used to remove the tea leaved from the tea pot after the ceremony is complete and the clean-up is initiated.

Photo 24-02-2014 17 24 54

The utensils were hand crafted and wrapped by me to add value to the pieces; they are made from real bamboo stocks, a very diverse and joyful material to use. The strength and flexibility of the material allow the tools to be very robust without being heavy and hard to craft. I wrapped the bamboo with waxed thread to indicate where the item was to be held and to give a sense of comfort to the user. As can be seen from the image above I experimented with colour, I feel the darker colour is more complimentary and due to this I will go ahead with using this thread in Mk2.


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