MK1 Prototype Hand-in

Today some of us had our MK1 Prototype hand-in, the deliverable being a finished initial prototype of our concept. Due to delays and the fact that this was my first journey into the ceramic world, my intention to slip cast all eight parts within the three week time frame has been unsuccessful. I did however manage to produce two parts, the tea caddy body and lid. These two parts will also play the role of the teapot body and lid. Below you can see an image of the physical prototype I showed today. As can be seen the cups and tea caddy (on the far right) are completed clay models, however the other parts, the jug, teapot and pitcher are all just solid plaster or clay models. I intend to cast the other plaster models within the next week. My intention is to cast all the eight parts within the next week (due to the fact I have almost completed them all) and then begin to address the issues and comments that were raised today during my presentation.

Photo 24-02-2014 17 32 35

Another aspect of my concept that I displayed today was the preparation process that I have devised with the help from my research candidates. The step my step list of the twelve actions can be seen below. This process has been specially devised to allow the user to be 100% in the process without any distractions like dials and thermometers. The steps that are displayed below are that of the most complex stage. I have developed two other stages before the twelve step one, these stages consist of 4 and 8 steps.

Photo 24-02-2014 19 10 31

The comments I received today helped me to develop a greater understanding of what I should do next in MK2. The feel the insights I gained are very valuable in the sense that I now have the confidence to make the next move towards a more refined concept. I plan to make my parts more precise and move away from the hand crafted styling. This is for two reasons, the first being that I wish my design to be more professional and secondly that I wish to attract industrial design work during the degree show not gallery work. I also intend to open up the design a little, some people felt it was to in closed and constricted, an observation a agree on. The last insight I gained was the value within the addition of beautiful graphics, these graphics could form an attractive instruction manual or invocative visuals.


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