MK1 CAD Modeling

In preparation for my MK1 hand–in I have designed and developed a CAD model to compliment my physical model. Due to the fact that I under estimated the time it would take to both learn and produce a slip cast model I was only able to fully complete two of the eight pieces that I was planning to have for the MK1 hand-in. the CAD model allowed my peers to understand what the final product will look like and envisage the correct material use.

Image 1Image2Image3Image4

The images above show the completed items, this is a very useful tool as I can now pull dimensions and shapes directly from the models. This will allow for a smother build process in the workshop and will allow me to show people what I’m trying to achieve. A good example of this comes from the creation of the tea strainer. I intend to use the jewellery workshop to complete the tea starrier using there metal presses. I have already visited the technician there and she stated that I drawing would be handy for her to understand exactly what I want, I can now use the cad model as an accurate drawing to help aid my explanation.  My tea strainer drawing can be found here: Tea Strainer Drawing (dimentioned)


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