Slip Casting: Lid

After casting the body of the tea caddy it was time to cast the lid. You may notice that the lid is a different one to the original. It was decided that the previous lid was not acceptable, and so a second attempt was made.  This new lid incorporates the drop down feature necessary to hold the lid within the tea caddy body.

Photo 12-02-2014 09 57 32

This cast involved a different process to the previous caddy body mould. Clay was packed around the lid model up to its halfway point. The clay was then boxed in by 4 wooden walls in preparation n for the liquid plaster. The liquid plaster was then used to fill the compartment, once dried the walls were removed to reveal a half cast lid. The packed clay is then removed and allowed for the process to be mimicked for the mirrored side of the model. The final cast including the clay spare can be seen below. The clay spare is then dug out to reveal the final cast mould. This mould is then placed within the drying cupboard for 4 days.

Photo 13-02-2014 16 41 12Photo 13-02-2014 16 57 57Photo 13-02-2014 18 08 05


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