CAD Modelling

Before I can begin to make some part I feel it is appropriate to develop a more finalised design. For this I believe that CAD modelling will serve nicely, as with it you have the ability to craft your design in a multi-dimensional fashion, allowing for a full understanding of how it will look from every angle. Using Autodesk’s Inventor and AutoCAD packages (of which I am well acquainted) I designed and developed four assembled items, the teapot, tea caddy, water jug and tea serving pot.

Photo 10-02-2014 12 56 50Photo 10-02-2014 12 56 58Photo 10-02-2014 12 57 14

By developing these I was able to go to Sean Kingsley in the university workshop and accurately show him what I wanted to achieve. Through this he was able to recommend way in which to complete the pieces using a slip casting approach. Currently the designs I wish to create will involve roughly eight separate castings. As this is a lengthy process that is almost guaranteed to fail first time and therefore involve multiple iterations I intend to start this immediately.


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