Tea Ceremony Items

From my last piece of research I was able to define that the tradition aspect of the tea process is a valued one. Due to this I felt it important to gain a deeper understanding both the process and tools that are used within it. The image below shows what I believe to be the main items needed to complete the functional aspect of the tea ceremony, I have purposely left out such items as the tea mascot (a small statuette that’s adds social value to the ritual).

Using this list I have begun to collect these items in the hope to create an early prototype to try out on my users. From talking to my module tutors I have been enlightened to the possibility of change. I have always had a worry that the western world would not act well with such a large change to the currently actively practiced method of tea preparation. I have been introduced to the fact that it is possible to only use select factors of the traditional ceremony. I was worried that if I was to go down this road I would sever the rituals values and loose the essence that I was trying so hard to maintain. I now believe that if executed appropriately it is possible to accommodate only a section of the ritual.

My next plan is to collect all the pieces needed to recreate a tea ceremony and allow my users to attempt to use it. I will then observe what sections of the ceremony that they miss out or avoid, using this information I will then know what areas of then ritual that can be removed or absorbed into others.

Photo 24-01-2014 13 56 12


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