Defining a Product

I recently took the time to define a storyboard of my product use (seen here When overviewing this piece I realised that I had not included the product operation. This allowed me to realise the next step that I must take in my project development. Before I can define how the user will use the device I must first decide how the device will deliver its experience. To do this I must decide the final direction that I wish to direct the design. By separating out the directions I could go in and applying them to a mind map, I was able to define their key communality’s. These five directions consist of Traditional ritual, Medicinal, Personalisation, Modern tea lover and Experience.  I started to define things that I deemed important within each category, after this I then went over again pointing out the key factors that I believe to be highly important. As can be seen in the image below, all branches have some important factors. Traditional ritual was the ranch with the most making it the most valued, but I believe that a mix of elements will be the most appropriate approach. I have shown that to me the traditional essence is more valuable than a modern approach, although I understand that the western view of beauty is different to the east. I feel some changes to this process will need to be implemented if I am to create a pleasing piece both through an experience and an aesthetic. I plan to now ask my user group what they believe to be the most important factors to my design; I do not feel that my personal opinion should be the final say.
Photo 24-01-2014 14 01 53


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