Survey Results

I decided early on that before I was to design a product that would attempt to change people’s perception I must discover the current perception. I developed 5 straight forward questions that I asked via an on-line survey as well and a physical questionnaire that I posted throughout my university campus.

From the results, I can note that the majority of subjects were running along the correct lines in two of the 4 factual questions. The majority knew the fact that china was the origin county for tea and also the world’s biggest producer. “What nation drinks the most tea” got a very different result to the factual figures. Turkey, UAE and Morocco are among the top nations susceptible to a cup of tea, whereas the survey suggested that people believe that Britain is the top consumer shortly followed by china and India.

I have developed useful insights into the local preference when it comes to tea consumption from the question asking which tea is preferred personally. From this I can see that there is a lot of people drinking the typical black tea, as predicted. Now I much discover why this is and if it is due to lack of experimentation.

now that I have a broader understanding of the current perception of the general public i will move into the professional field and ask people working in the tea brewing and preparation industry.

Please find the results from my survey posted below.


Survey Results



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