From my early research I have developed the opinion that tea is no longer experienced as a delicate process and is regularly rushed. I started to think of a way of making the tea production process more interesting and engaging. Then a thought occurred to me, how fascinating it would be to harvest your own leafs and take them through the whole tea brewing process. This would engage and interest the user in the elegance of the production process. Unfortunately the whole process can take months and so the user would need to start making the tea months before the tea could be consumed, not very convenient at all. As I was thinking up a way of somehow shortening this process I had a revelation.

I have always been interested in the concept of creating tea from natural herbs. The concept of using freshly grown live herbs in place of dried tea leafs seems to bring a positive healthy aspect to the tea brewing process. As herbs are currently household plants it would be an easy transition from using them for food preparation to tea production.

Photo 08-10-2013 10 38 30

From conducting research into herbal combinations I decided to get my hands on some. There is no better way of learning than through physical trials; because of this I tried different types of herbal tea combinations in the hope for a good combination. I decided to go for some typical household herbs to start: Basil, Rosemary, Parsley and Spearmint. The combinations that I have developed through these herbs have had mixed reviews. The spearmint gives a very sweet and flavoursome taste whereas the parsley gives a very bitter taste.

Photo 24-09-2013 16 41 08

On conducting further research into this area I have found that herbs like Catnip, Lemon Balm and Spearmint give the best tea flavours. I have also discovered that the use of the stevia plant will sweeten your tea in replacement of sugars. I am interested in furthering my research into this field and will post any further developments as they happen.


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