Starting Point

Now I have started my final year of Product Design at the University of Dundee, it’s time to generate ideas for my Personal Honours Project.

Over the past few weeks I have been brainstorming different concepts and variants of my now current developed concepts.  I have managed to rattle my ideas down to two very similar ideas with 1 main difference.

I have decided to go into the area of tea and tea brewing perfection. As a tea fanatic I am constantly frustrated by the fact that it’s so difficult to get my cup of tea to taste perfectly, because of this I have aimed one of my concepts at the creation of the perfect cup of tea. Another issue I have is the fact that I am the only one out of my friends and family that really enjoy the beauty and art behind tea. My second concept reflects this issue.


Concept One

This concept will allow the user to create the perfect cup of tea by aiding in the tea brewing process. Tea brewing consists of three factors, all of which are usually ignored or missed. This device will deliver with pin point accuracy these three factors and hence creates the perfect cup of tea.


Concept Two

This concept is a piece of experience design that allows the user to immerse oneself in the world of tea culture. The creation will act on the current foreign ritual of tea preparation and make it accessible to all. This will then in turn educate the user and allow them to be more confident in the art form.


Please find my Two concept sheets below:


Perfect Cup Concept Sheet

Ritual Concept Sheet


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