Online Presence Test



During my lecture today an idea came to me. This idea allowed me to test my online information that’s present to future employers. It’s vital that when a new employer searches for you they find relevant and positive information. I have always wondered what Information would be visible to employer if they were to just simply Google my name. I asked my good friend Pete (of IvesonDesigns – if he would pose as a future employer searching for information on the applicant he/she wants to find out more about and to write down all the information that he found. By undergoing this experiment I discovered that if my name was goggled (Finlay Page) 2/10 searches related to me personally (eg, my web sites and pages). This is not to successful but from the sites that do show up you can find your way very easily to all my major ones. On the other hand if you Google my design title (FinlayPage Design), 8/10 relate to me personally. With all the information you receive from googleing this you can easily learn about every aspect of my process. My portfolio tells you what I have done and my blog tells you what I am currently doing.

The only issue is that the top search when searching for FinlayPage Design is actually my old blog. This blog does have a link to my new one as soon as you open the page but it could be a slight nuisance to future employers. I do not as of yet know haw to lower it in the search page but I am trying to correct it as soon a possible. below I have posted the quick summery that peter wrote up for me.

Peters Observations
Peters Observations

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