Dundee Service Jam 2013

In March 2013 I took part in the 2013 Global Service Jam Dundee. The Global Service Jam is a non-profit volunteer activity that enables people from all around the world to collaborate with a common goal. I attended this event in the hope to meet new people and to learn about the art of service design.


On the first day we got to meet the whole team (a great bunch) and got introduced to the timetable for the next 48 hours. After that we received the theme that we would be working with for the weekend, the theme for this year’s jam was “Grow”. Using this new information we split into 3 groups and started brainstorming. The result of our brainstorming formed in the shape of 11 categories. We were then told to stand in a bar chart manor next to the category we would like to work in.  I stood next to environmental sustainability, I was the only one, and this of course meant that I had to choose another due to the fact that I couldn’t form a team of one. I found myself relocating to the category of “Nature” this very closely related to my previous choice and so I was happy with my new location.

Photo 03-03-2013 18 10 19

Now that I was in team 1 we quickly got to know each other and started to brain storm (no time to waste after all). We quickly came up with a team name “ The Pollinators” and a service “The Hive Project”. After a lot of market research and field trips to the Dundee allotments  we had our idea sorted.

Photo 02-03-2013 13 26 34

The Hive Project is a service which will enable people within the community to engage in growing healthy food and sharing experience.

Around the city of Dundee there is a series of important spots within local communities which are in need of redevelopment.
A potential area will be marked as a ‘Hive project’ parking site for a mobile trailer which is managed by committee members from various organisations like the allotments association, friends of the Earth, reforestation Scotland as well as individuals from the community.

The project will travel across the city at different times, visiting local communities, and developing expertise through action to grow healthy food.

People can pay a very small membership fee, and start developing a fund to sustain the service, alongside main sponsorship funding from local project partners such as Dundee City Council, local Schools, SOEC,WWF, RSPB. A website will be developed to provide information for the various linked communities, and people can upload photos and other details to share their experiences. You people will be able to learn new skills, develop awareness about growing food, healthy eating, sustainable practices, share their produce, promote happiness and engage in revitalising

Photo 03-03-2013 17 13 04

I am very pleased with the work that I did over the weekend and I am so happy to have met my wonderful team. We all worked so well together and I know that I learned so much more that I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you to everyone that was involved and made my experience so memorable.

Till next year…

Photo 03-03-2013 17 25 00


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