Relationship Modelling

Relationship modelling is an exercise that helps you discover how to best deliver you product/business to your customers. Every business needs a set of relationships to deliver its product successfully and these relationships are always between 4 key quadrants:

  • The Generator – originating, directing and developing
  • The Realiser – manufacturing and producing finished product, services and experiences
  • The Distributer – delivery, sales and marketing
  • The Customer – buying utilising and experiencing your business

This exercise allows the user to see what parts of the business they need to control and what areas they need to outsource. Below I have shown who I believed would take charge of each sector and the information I gave when I underwent the exercise.

Generator – Myself

  • Possibly with a small team
  • With a marketing assistant

Realiser – Production team

  • Large manufacturing chain
  • Outsource differing components to different factory’s and have a manufacturer for the construction

Distributer – Retail seller

  • Luxury brands
  • Online sales (have own personal website that makes sales using an external distributer and marketplace)
  • Marketed on health and design sites/blogs

Customer – General public

  • Online
  • Street retailers
  • Conventions
  • Council
  • NHS

From the information I found out using this exercise I now know that I want to only be the idea generator and to possibly sell the rights to a bigger corporation. I would then take royalty’s from each sale.  Below is a image of my completed exercise.

Relationship Modelling
Relationship Modelling

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