Blueprint Modeling

The NESTA toolkit has a useful exercise that allows you to visualise how your business will function. It does this by breaking the process down into 3 stages with 2 different views.

The first is the engagement stage of your business, This allows you to visualise how you could plan prospective customers and how to persuade them to buy your product. The second is the development stage, this is the time that it takes you to design and create your concept. Finally the third is the delivery stage, the time it takes for you to get your product or service to the customer.

These three stages can be viewed by either a backstage or onstage point of view. The backstage view allows you to see what processes you would use outside the public eye, for example market or customer research. Onstage is the view that allows you to see what processes you would then use in the public eye, these consist of things such as attending trade shows or networking.

I did this exercise to allow me to better understand my business and these were my results:

Backstage Engagement

  • Look into the UK’s most recent census
  • Research key global markets (areas)
  • Research competition
  • Business modelling
  • Outsource marketing assistance

Onstage Engagement

  • Visit support groups
  • Ask key society members
  • Use of social network (build a presence)

Backstage Development

  • Business remodelling (improvements made from engagement stage)
  • Branding
  • Loom into current styles
  • Outsource marketing work (brand consultant)

Onstage Development

  • User trials
  • Visit shows, museums, gallery’s
  • Model concepts and try them out (prototype)
  • Conduct personal research (surveys into pricing ect..)

Backstage Delivery

  • Source production outlets
  • Source manufacturing methods
  • Source retail outlets
  • Source a store for stock (warehouse)
  • Market my products

Onstage Delivery

  • Visit production outlets
  • Visit retailers
  • Conduct meetings with key business members to finalise points
  • View possible areas to hold your stock
  • Test possible manufacturing techniques

Below is an image of the worksheet I completed.

Blueprint Modelling
Blueprint Modelling

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