Evidence Modelling

As an entrepreneur you will always have an idea of what you want your business to be. The issue occurs when others ask you to express this idea; it’s a lot harder to articulate an idea without drawing it out or presenting it with a visual aid. Evidence modelling is a way to understand how your business manifests through visualization. This exercise poses four questions you can run your idea through:

01 What does it enhance?

02 What does it replace/make less desirable?

  • For example, online news – with blogs and so on – is making the traditional newspaper less desirable.

03 What does it revive?

  • New ideas can change how we see and value older ones. For example, because people now mostly buy music digitally, vinyl records have changed from being common to being rare. And that means they now have a new value as collectible objects worth a lot of money.

04 What might be the backlash?

  • Could an idea become so successful it actually ends up having a negative effect? For example, if a car-sharing service is so well designed it actually tempts people off public transport and into cars, increasing congestion, then a successful idea actually ends up having a negative effect.

By working through these questions you will discover things that you did not comprehend. I completed this exercise for one of my past projects that I’m passionate about, Touchwood (can be found under the Touchwood section of this blog). From my research I gained using this exercise I discovered some issues that may occur as a result of its market presence. Below I have listed my answers for the questions within the exercise:

01 What does it enhance?

  • Visually impaired community
  • Disabled independence
  • Equality
  • Weather awareness
  • Stress reduction

02 What does it replace/make less desirable?

  • Product recognition software
  • Personal assistant/carer
  • Weather software
  • A analogue hallway presence

03 What does it revive?

  • Wall mounted coat racks
  • Demand for hallway tech
  • Hidden function devices get a reboot
  • Hallway personality

04 What might be the backlash?

  • Rapid weather change could result in an incorrect reading?
  • Possible low demand
  • High possible cost of production

This information has helped me visualize my business concept and I not have a much clearer view of where to take it next. The image below shows my filled out exercise sheet:Photo 28-02-2013 11 36 56


A special thanks to the NESTA team for creative the Creative Enterprise Toolkit of which this exercise derives.



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