What you do and Why…

As part of your personal development it’s important to ask yourself, what you do and why you do it. During my Design and the Market Module this week I addressed these questions:

What do you do?   Solve problems

Why do you do it?   To better the worlds standard of living

Why should people care?   Because I work to maintain and improve their standard of living.

I thought hard about my purpose as a designer and I’m happy if I can live up to the answers I have given.  The next step that I took was to write a mission statement, this statement must embody my values as a designer and explain my goals.

Mission Statement

I aim to solve problems in a thoughtful manor and so deliver a better standard of living to the world around me.

I believe my mission statement explains what I do and what my design goals entail quite well. Overall I feel this exercise has been a success and has helped me lean more about how I wish to design through my life.


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