Everyone has them and no one persons are the same, values is what makes us who we are. Values are what drive us forward in life and they are constantly effecting our day to day decisions. I believe I have come to a stage in my life that I need to sit down and figure mine out. Using the NESTA Toolkit I developed an understanding of what my values were. I have always been someone who needs to be respected and someone who strives for excellence; these are the factors that shape me as a person. As can be seen from the image below, my most important values revolve around me being respected and having a strong motivational drive. These important values see me wanting to work for a large corporation like Google or Microsoft. Employment in these corporations would allow me to be driven by both innovation and respect.

My secondary values are mostly revolving around the service/product I would be delivering. Feeling good about what you do is important and so producing meaningful work is a key value. My work must also excite me; I must connect with my work enough to drive me towards overcoming problems. I don’t feel I could work in a place that doesn’t excite me, as I tend not to produce my best work under those circumstances. I also like to be looked up to (who doesn’t) and so intellectual status is one of my key values. This in turn effects how I feel about the leadership role, I don’t like to be the man in charge of everything but I do like being in charge of a select area (for example, modelling, prototyping… etc.)

So values that I believe to be less important are things like, money, public service, community, work structure and challenges. I do enjoy all these values but they are less important to me. I don’t feel that there can be any values that are never important and so as you can see from the image bellow I haven’t filled the section.

My Working Values
My Working Values

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