Ideo Revisited


As I stated in a previous post, me and my team as part of out “Design and the Market” module have been trying to contact IDEO. In out module we have been tasked to obtain an interview with a design consultancy of our choice. During this interview we are to ask a member questions on how there consultancy started up as a business and questions on how it is currently operating.  We have been trying to do get in contact with IDEO for a good 3 weeks now with no sight of hope. Last week we approached 4c Design and asked them for an interview, the staff at 4c were extremely accommodating and helpful. The night we returned from 4c Design in Glasgow we received an email from one of our tutors (an ex-IDEO studio head) informing us that he had managed to get in contact with IDEO. The email stated the name of the man that would be able to give us an interview, so we emailed him and waited for a response. we sent that email 3 days ago and so we are starting to give up hope, I guess the lesson we can all take from this is it’s great to try to aim high but be prepared if it doesn’t work out. I learned a lot about how IDEO functions as a creative business from researching them and that allowed me to better understand creative businesses as a whole.



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