4c Design Visit

1317021257766497Today for our Design and the Market module we visited the design consultancy “4c Design”. The day started early with a car ride to Glasgow. We arrived about 30 minutes early and using this time wisely we went over the interview we were about to conduct. When the time came we met with our contact we were confident and ready to be inspired. Whilst there, we had the good fortune of receiving a personal guided tour of their studio and workshop. I was very surprised to see that they had a fully operational workshop within there building, as a woodworking enthusiast its great to see such facility’s within a business like 4c. This gave me insights into how a contemporary design consultancy operates. I was very surprised to see that the company seemed to work in a very friendly homely manner. I feel that if I was to be one of the team members that I would be part of the 4c family. I have always been I little scared of approaching big corporations and I feel this opportunity has taught me that not all businesses are scary. Today I felt very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.


The core reason for our visit was to gain knowledge of 4c design as a company. We conducted a short 20 minute interview using pre-set questions that we had decided on as a group. The questions asked things such as “What do you believe to be your design values?” and “As a start-up company how did you receive your initial funding?” the information we received was extremely helpful And I’m glad to say that I took a lot from it. the main thing i take from today is that you can run a successful business and have fun doing it.

4c Design Staff
4c Design Staff

We are now in the process of creating a presentation on our findings that we will deliver a week on Wednesday.

I would like to thank all at 4c Design for accommodating us today. I learned a lot and I’m highly grateful.


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