Start With Why….

inspire people to do the things that inspire them and together we can change the world.

Simon Sinek believes that with sharing inspiration we can change the world. In 2009 Sinek released a book “Start With Why” and within this book he created “The Golden Circle”.

Golden Circle
The model that codifies the three distinct and interdependent elements (Why, How, What) that makes any person or organization function at its highest ability.

Based on the biology of human decision making, it demonstrates how the function of our limbic brain and the neocortex directly relate to the way in which people interact with each other and with organizations and brands in the formation of cultures and communities.


The Golden Circle speaks of the 3 main parts of a business:

  • Outer circle: WHAT do they do? e.g. products, features, benefits, policies etc
  • Middle circle: HOW do they do it? e.g. via technology, functionality, organizational structure, distribution channels, pricing, differentiating proposition, USP etc
  • Inner circle: WHY do they do it? e.g. belief systems, sense of purpose, core driving principles, motivational factors etc)

When conducting an interview or asking questions in life most people ask, “What do you do?” or “How do you do it?” but what be should be asking is “WHY do you do it? Whats the point?” asking questions like this allows you to get right to the point and to get real genuine answers. in the Short Talk below Simon Sinek shows us how to be inspirational.


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