Oakleys Inovative Breakthroughs

Open Your Eyes to High Definition

Oakley’s main product range consists of eye ware, and they are very proud to be the world’s greatest distributer of fine sports eye ware.

“If you want the best clarity and protection on the planet, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO). Its patented technologies surpass all tests of the American National Standards Institute.”

  • HDO® lets you see clearer, sharper and without the magnification of ordinary lenses that act like prescription optics
  • You see everything exactly where it is, not shifted like the view from inferior lenses
  • You get the unrivalled impact protection and 100% UV filtering of the purest lens material on earth

The brief I have been given is to create a product range to bring Oakley into the leadership position of everyday cycling without creating any hardware or eye ware. Due to the fact that I cannot touch on the bulk of Oakley’s current products a deep and thorough research of what is needed in the world of everyday cycling must be conducted. This will allow me to define why my designs are necessary and will give Oakley the advantage in the cycling world.



Many athletes train with music. Tethered players can get in the way, so the best music player would be built into something you’re already wearing. That way, you could listen to songs anytime without carrying an extra accessory. It would have no wires or cords to dangle and tangle, or speaker buds that jam into your ears.

We solved all those problems with Oakley THUMP, an entire music system built into a performance sunglass frame. The world’s first digital audio eyewear, this patented invention combines the best optics on the planet with music that inspires pro competitors like Brian Lopes, Mike Metzger, Cedric Gracia, Manny Fernandez and James Stewart.

THUMP® is a registered trademark of Thump Records, Inc., and is used under exclusive license.



We know the world is always evolving. We just get tired of waiting. That’s why we designed our first wristwatch to convert human motion into streams of electrons. We could have used springs or batteries to drive the hands, but we would never make a product without making it better than everything else that’s out there.

Sealed in a casing of X Metal®, an Inertial Generator® utilizes an O Engine® to convert multiple vectors of movement into pure electricity. End result: A wristwatch that never needs winding or batteries, and a work of art that blends science with sculpture to achieve what no ordinary watch can offer — the authenticity of true innovation.



In the mid ’70s, motorcycle handgrips were just tubes of rounded rubber. They didn’t offer a comfortable grasp. Even worse, they were slippery when wet.

In his garage lab, a mad scientist named Jim Jannard developed a new kind of grip with a unique tread for a secure grasp, plus geometry that fit the rider’s closed hand. He utilized a new material called “Unobtainium®” that was engineered to become sticky when wet.

Two technology patents were awarded and the new grip was embraced by top pros.


After looking at Oakley’s breakthrough products it is clear that the company is at the top of design innovation. From this I have gained further knowledge in what is expected of me from this brief. I now need to look into Oakley’s range of Innovative apparel to gain a further understanding of the forms I may need to stick to, the last thing I want to do is to develop product that does not speak for the Oakley brand.


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