Design and The Market


During my second half of third year at the University of Dundee I am going to be undergoing the module “Design and the Market”

Design & The Market is a level 3 option module offered to all design students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, University of Dundee.

Design and The Market aims to introduce me to enterprise culture and terminology and to place the practice of design within a business context. This module will encourage me to develop entrepreneurial skills and to support my development to enhance employability and /or advance your own independent business vision.  It will give me an appreciation of the complexity of enterprise planning and management and will develop individual and group skills in the design and development of new business ventures. Through and series of lectures, seminars and workshops I will be introduced to the creative economy, begin to look critically at contemporary business models and encouraged to innovate and design new ventures. I will also be given the opportunity to work with outside organizations and professionals to benefit from their knowledge and experience and develop contacts to aid you in your future careers. This module places considerable emphasis on self-directed work

Through this module I will gain knowledge and skills that will allow me to demonstrate:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • understanding the nature of entrepreneurial activity and practices
  • appreciating key issues in designing for markets
  • understanding the organizational and practical processes involved in creating and sustaining a business venture


Provide the capability to:

  • identify and evaluate a business idea for development
  • engage in appropriate research techniques to develop business ideas
  • communicate intent and progress persuasively using relevant media

The module will be delivered by a team of specialists with considerable and diverse experience in the business of design. Kate Pickering is the module leader, running her own jewellery practice and the driving force and vision behind Vanilla Ink.  Professor Mike Press, an international specialist in design management, contributes to the lecture programme, drawing on his research and publications on design enterprise and management.


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