Market Analysis: Subway

It’s full of students! I stood outside subway for half an hour during the lunch time rush to observe the activity of its customers, and in that whole time only one non student entered the store. I have always known that subway was geared at students but it’s never appealed to me once. The whole vibe of the store screams the aim of the company, fast but fresh food, hence the slogan “eat fresh”. The school diner set up they have going on is clearly one of the reasons people “dine” there, I guess it gives the whole eating experience a like personal touch. People like personal touches in this day and age, everyone wants to be unique.
The company’s branding looks like it’s geared towards students, the primary yellow and green colours not only draw your eye but they give off the right message “fun, Fresh Food” the logo also gives off the impression of speedy delivery due to its arrowed appearance and emphasis on the word “way”. I don’t know if it’s just me or if its intentional but when I look at the word subway in this styling it makes my mind jump to the word Speedway, And that obviously has connotations of speed.
When I look at the layout of the Dundee branch and the system of food delivery I find that it just stresses me out. I don’t like the waiting, its tedious. I don’t like the bright colours, they make me feel inferior, and I don’t like the mass choice I have, its stresses me out. Subway to me is not a place I feel good in… but maybe that’s just me.

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