Market Analysis: Lush

This is an establishment that clearly displays its values in all that it does. For example all there product are sitting on very plain white cubes meaning that the shop has no other detail other than the main products themselves. This means that as soon as you enter the shop there is nothing but the purity of the product, you are at no point bombarded with averts and branding related items. This creates a clutter free shopping experience much like the clutter free values of the company. 
However all company’s need to advertise to sell efficiently, fortunately Lush has figured out a way to do this without too much upset to the perfect balance of their store. There are no images or flashy fonts in their advertising just simply chalk on blackboard style keywords. The keywords are meant to catch your eye very subtly and once you are interested you can read on about the deal. The adverts are all just above eye level so you have to actually look at them to see them meaning that your view isn’t cluttered. The adverts are also positioned above the items that they relate to so you can easily find and chose the product for you wisely. I like this sort of store, its calm and collected and I feel they don’t push you to buy they just help you along. 
Lush have a reputation of selling very good quality handmade products and due to this the products are expensive. This kind of product is harder to sell to a larger market and so the kind easy environment is essential to their success.

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